Well, I'm doing something else now. All the programs were put in public domain and this website will not be updated. Thanks for your visit and please come back sometime. Keep on keeping on ;-)
Vasile Calmatui, May 20th 2001

Links from/about Moldova

Moldova in the world
Flag of Moldova

Official web site of the Republic of Moldova
Moldovan Political Arena
National Center of Computer Science
Academy of Sciences of Moldova
State University of Moldova
Technical University of Moldova
Academia de Studii Economice din Moldova
The Soros Foundation Moldova
Moldova Internet Resources an index "à la Yahoo"
Internet Catalog in Moldova
National Bank of Moldova
Radio NOVA : good music!
Medical Information Center
The Rule of Law Foundation
Eximbank of Moldova
Moldova Stock Exchange
United Nations in Moldova
Free Enterprise Zone
Moldovan Embassy in Washington
MoldNet - Moldovan ISP
Cornell University about Moldova, quite complete
Ilie Ilascu, political prisoner and other information about Transnistria
OMRI, informations about Eastern Europe
Some information in French
Human rights in Moldova
General Theory of Love (in Romanian) :-)
Joke Archive (in Romanian) :-)
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