Well, I'm doing something else now. All the programs were put in public domain and this website will not be updated. Thanks for your visit and please come back sometime. Keep on keeping on ;-)
Vasile Calmatui, May 20th 2001

Registration page of Vasile's Java Classes and Applets

All Vasile's Java Classes and Applets are shareware, so you can try them before registration. Register if you find them usefull.


  1. Because, as registered user, you:
  2. Unregistered use of this software after the 20-day evaluation period is in violation of U.S. and international copyright laws


If you wish to become a registered user, all you need is to make a payment to the author. For a personal use the license fee is 12 USD for each class or applet. For a professional use it is 27 USD.
This program is licensed, not sold. It is licensed to a specific end-user (a human, not a corporation) and is non-transferrable. The registration fee is non-refundable. If you would like a different licensing arrangement, contact the author.

What's the difference between a personal and a professional license?
There is no difference between a personal and a professional registered program. If you'll use it for a personal home page, you pay a personal license, otherwise a professionnal one. It's up to you to decide.


You have different ways to register Vasile's Java Classes and Applets. The fastest and easiest way is through the World Wide Web. If you don't have convenient Web access, you can register by fax or mail. For a fax, e-mail, postal mail and check order use this form.
Any questions about the status of an order, registration options, product details, technical support, volume discounts, etc., must be directed to the author.
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