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Vasile Calmatui, May 20th 2001

Read your mail (POP3) even behind a FireWall

This is a Java application made for the people working in a company under a firewall. I use it to get past the firewall and to read the mail I get on my private e-mail account outside the company. So, I can reply immediatly to all the mails.
You can use this program even if you have a direct connection to your mailserver, but you don't want your private mail mixed with the company's one.
So, VasFireWallMailReader reads and stores the emails in a file that you can consult later. The mails are not removed from your mailserver and you can read them at home.
To configure the application, you have just to edit the configuration file (mails.ini). No recompilation is needed.
If you have questions or problems, take first a look at the FAQ.
Download (17 kb) the package - version 2.3
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