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Vasile's Java2HTML - Documentation

  1. What are the command line options?
  2. What can highlight VasJava2HTML?
  3. How can I paste my java code into the text area?
  1. What are the command line options?
    You can launch VasJava2HTML from command-line in order to process one or several files at once, without making copy/paste operation in an applet. So "VasJava2HTML.class" is an applet and an application in the same time.
    The program will create new files by adding ".html" to existing ".java" extention. For example, if your source file is Test.java then VasJava2HTML's output file will be Test.java.html.
    The command-line options are:
    java VasJava2HTML [-f] file1 file2 ..
    When using "-f" option the program will override the existing files.

  2. What can highlight VasJava2HTML?
    VasJava2HTML detects and can highlight: If you have the source code you can select your own color or highlighting scheme. In fact, you can add any HTML code for token highlighting.

  3. How can I paste my java code into the text area?
    Like in most applications in your OS.
    If you are under Windows, open your .java file in a text editor, eg Notepad. Select all the text and copy it (with Ctrl+C). Paste it later in the text area (with Ctrl+V).
    After processing the code, select all the HTML code from the text area (eg hit TAB key twice) and copy it (Ctrl+C). You can paste then the code in your favorite HTML writing program.
    Don't forget you can always use the command-line mode.

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