Well, I'm doing something else now. All the programs were put in public domain and this website will not be updated. Thanks for your visit and please come back sometime. Keep on keeping on ;-)
Vasile Calmatui, May 20th 2001

Vasile's ScrollStatus Applet

Look in left bottom corner of your browser. Do you see something special? It's the work of VasScrollStatus.
This applet scrolls the message you specify in the status bar. You can configure the message to display and the speed of scrolling. In near future there will be more scrolling styles (now there's only one).
You can also use this applet for your webpages. In order to use it, you must download the applet, install it on your webserver and configure the calling web page like this:
<APPLET CODE=VasScrollStatus.class WIDTH=5 HEIGHT=5>
<PARAM NAME=msg VALUE="Welcome to Vasile's HomePage!">
<PARAM NAME=color VALUE="#B4B88C">
<PARAM NAME=refresh VALUE="70">
<PARAM NAME=style VALUE="1">

Download (10 kb) the package - version 1.0
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