Well, I'm doing something else now. All the programs were put in public domain and this website will not be updated. Thanks for your visit and please come back sometime. Keep on keeping on ;-)
Vasile Calmatui, May 20th 2001

Vasile's SpyApplet (who are the visitors of your webpages?)

This applet is invisible for the visitor (its size is 5x5 pixels). It takes the main information from the visitor's computer and sends this information to the specified e-mail address. So, you can see the profile of your visitors, the geographical distribution ... It's especially usefull for people that are hosted by someone else and cannot access their server's stats. In fact, the applet is running "clientside", so you can avoid problems with server's folks. You have nothing to change on the server.
But, this method is morally debatable.

You can also use this applet to track your visitors. In order to use it, download the applet, install it on your webserver and configure the calling web page like this (change email addresses to yours):
document.write("<APPLET CODE=VasSpyApplet.class WIDTH=5 HEIGHT=5 NAME=\"Vasile\">");
document.write("<PARAM NAME=from VALUE=\"vasile@chez.com\">");
document.write("<PARAM NAME=to VALUE=\"vasile@ifrance.com\">");
document.write("<PARAM NAME=msg VALUE=\" \">");
document.write("<PARAM NAME=color VALUE=\"#B4B88C\">");
document.write("<PARAM NAME=subject VALUE=\"VasSpyApplet\">");
document.write("<PARAM NAME=browser VALUE=\"");
document.write("\"><PARAM NAME=referrer VALUE=\"");
// -->

You can see the page from where the visitor arrived at your page (the referrer page) and the exact version of your browser (given by JavaScript).
Attention!!! This applet is not free and you must register for a permanent use.
If you have questions or problems, take first a look at the FAQ.
Example of a mail received from VasSpyApplet. Many other.
Countries, operating systems, browsers "spied" by VasSpyApplet
Some fun results
VasSpyApplet's FAQ
Download (35 kb) the package - version 2.3Updated
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