Well, I'm doing something else now. All the programs were put in public domain and this website will not be updated. Thanks for your visit and please come back sometime. Keep on keeping on ;-)
Vasile Calmatui, May 20th 2001
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Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 17:36:47 +0100 (MET)
From: vasile@chez.com
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Subject: SpyAppletUS
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Time=Sat Mar 21 17:34:17 GMT+01:00 1998
Local Time=21 mar 98 17:34:17
GMT time=21 Mar 1998 16:34:17 GMT
OS=Windows 95
OS version=4.0
OS architecture=x86
Browser vendor=Microsoft Corp.
Browser vendor home=http://www.microsoft.com/
Java version=1.1
Java class version=45.3
File separator=\
Path separator=;
Line separator=\r\n
Browser=Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0A; Windows 95)
JVM total memory=492848
JVM free memory=27952
URL of this page=http://www.chez.com/vasile/
Root of this applet=http://www.chez.com/vasile/spy/
Screen resolution=96 dots per inch
Screen size : width=800 height=600
Applet's location on the screen : x=0 y=0
Number of colors : 24 bits/pixel, ie 1.6777216E7 colors
Number of Java fonts=6
Fonts :
  1 Dialog
  2 Helvetica
  3 TimesRoman
  4 Courier
  5 DialogInput
  6 ZapfDingbats
Applets :
  1 VasSpyApplet[panel5,0,0,5x5,invalid,hidden,layout=java.awt.FlowLayout]
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